ii case Hot Rock case with LED light (the replacement case for Wii)

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The ii Case HOT ROCK CASE is a new innovation in case modding technology.  With a built in Digital LED thermometer, the HOT ROCK CASE is able to alert the user by changing the LED color when the Wii console reaches certain temperatures.  Color changes takes place in 5 degree increments.  For example, if your Wii console’s temperature reaches over 55 degree Celsius, the LED will display “RED” and flashing.  This will alert the user to turn off the console and check for problems.

Hot Rock case (color changing chart) Temperature (Celsius) 

Chameleon LED color - Below 29 c 

Light blue - 30-35 c 

Blue - 36-40 c 

Green - 41-45c 

Yellow - 46-50 c 

Orange - 51-54 c 

Red - Over 55 c -Red light flashing



How to disassemble the wii console

How to install the xcm replacement ii case 


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