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LED writing board (Transparent )

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LED writing board (Transparent two sides for writing and display)

As a new kind of reusable and durable advertising board, our fluorescent writing boards light up

As using the latest LED technology instead of traditional light box, it makesthe advertisement more alive and effective in an eye-catching way! You can use it to let your customerknow anything you want about your business.

It could be used for a special event taking place in a special place. All you have to do is write yourmessage on the board. The LED light is inside the board and makes a "frame" around your message.

You can have a new color for everyday of the week, all at a push of a button.

There are available in 3 sizes. All of which can be hung with a chain. The smallest size, 26cmx30cm,

It can also be used as a table top display. Since these boards are lightweight they are easy to transportand can be used anywhere - from restaurants to trade shows the possibilities are endless!


Features of the LED flashing Boards:

Reusable and durable

Easy to write/draw on it with fluorescent marker pen

Easy to erase - just use a soft cloth or tissue

Low energy consumption



40cm x 60cm – USD 25

40cm x 50cm – USD 22

30cm x 40cm – USD 17.5



Standard Shipping- registered airmail-it takes 10-14 business days to arrive.