U stone Power bank- Lepow

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The Lepow U-Stone is a high capacity power bank designed for comfort and ease of use. As a portable battery charger, it has features that no product in its category has. It is an external battery that will make your charging and gadget experience interesting and worthwhile. The U-Stone's massive 12000mAh battery can be fully charged within 7 hours.

  • The stand casing of the power bank is made in a new aesthestic element that has the following features of its own:
  • Special Double Flame retardant bladder which stops all safety loophole from the battery
  • Strong Quickstand with anti skid properties giving you a warm solid feel 
  • Slender shape perfectly suited to the hand
  • Integrated Design hides the USB cord within the case itself
  • Efficient Circuit design and high heat dessipation performance

Exquisite Design Quality and Portable - Integrated design brings enjoyable experience. Seamlessly U-Shape conveniently slips into handbag. Power Bank and USB cable is merged into one. Both can be stored and carried easily. Frosted surface gives a comfortable feeling.

Shaking Motion Gives to Show Power Capacity - Shaking gives a fun experience. Shaking the product 90 degrees front and back displays power quantity easily making the experience more enjoyable.

Smart and Safe - Careful Protection brings more safe and secure experience. The high end lithium polymer core eliminates potential safety hazards. It has intelligent circuit to control the over charge, over dishcarge, over load, reverse short circuit, and adds overheat protection. Flame ratardant material is both found inside and outside the device giving you an impeccable protective barrier.

Compatible to Most Digital Devices - Super huge capacity and perfect massive compatibility makes it a perfect pair for any of your gadgets. It has a 1.8A fast charging output design. It is perfectly compatible with PAD, PHONE, POD, MP3, PSP, Digital Cameras, and most digital electronics.

Environmental Package - 100% Safe Environment Package brings worry-free intimate experience. U-Stone Product and Package Eliminates PVC Resources Completely. It strives for a non-toxic environment protection.

  • Model: LEPOW U-STONE
  • Cell type: Li-Ploymer
  • Capacity: 12000mAh
  • Operating temp: 10℃—45℃
  • Output voltage: DC5V
  • Output current: 1800mA
  • Input voltage: DC5V
  • Input current: 2100mA
  • Transform efficiency: 85%
  • Input voltage(Standard): 5.0V
  • Input voltage(Thershold): 5.0V±0.25V
  • Standard: GB4706.18—2005
  • color: gray

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