XCM Crystal Clear Slim Case plus (for the Xbox 360 Slim console) with X-Light kit

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Looking for a Crystal Clear case allowing you to see the inside of your Xbox 360 Slim console? XCM Crystal Clear Slim Case for the Xbox 360 Slim console allows you to see the inside of your console and see every moving mechanical part such as loading a disc and how the hot air flows. The XCM replacement case itself use a high-end clear quality material to show the mysterious inner part of Xbox 360 Slim console. Get one now and cheer up with the new 360 Cyber Armor.


The new version of this Crystal Clear Slim case will come with the X-light kit. The X-light kit includes 2 EL wires and each wire can get multi-colored lights blinking on your console. So you will have 2 multi-colored changeable lights between them. You can also bend the wires to your desired shape like a Christmas tree shape for Xmas, a loving heart for valentine, the tricky pumpkin shape for Halloween and more. Put on those creative caps and make your Xbox 360 unique and special.


How to to disassemble the 360 slim case by using the X8 tool




How to install the replacement slim case






How to install the X- light kit


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