XCM FPS programmer for PS 3

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XCM FPS programmer for PS3 TM     日本語

The XCM FPS Programmer for PS3 version allows you to map multi-keys function in one simple click. Simply map 4-5 buttons together to execute the special function like auto aim, burst, drop aim, drop shot, jump aim, jump shot, quick scope change and many others to any button you like with merely one click to complete this mission. So simple and easy. It's also plug and play device.

The XCM FPS programmer not only can be used on FPS games but on all PS3TM games such as the soccer game or other sport game, most of the sport games need complicated skill with fast pressing multi-key technique, it's not easy to play by most sport fans, but via our XCM FPS programmer you can use this complicated skill with ease.

Its designed to work with both Xbox 360TM wired controller and PS3TM controller on the PS3 TM console.



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