XCM Hot Rock case (FAT) with HDMI port

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A new case replacement kit that includes a really nifty internal temperature sensor and display

The XCM 360 Hot Rock Case tells you exactly how hot the innards of your delicate console are burning at all times. You can also use the thermometer to check the difference between your standard console and one with a cooling solution attached. Not only does the Hot Rock have a temperature readout, colored LEDs change the color of the case as the temperature rises. If the case is blue or green, you’re cool. If it’s glowing orange or red, it’s time to turn off and take a rest for a moment. 


Below 29℃ (84.2 F) ---  Orange light
30-31℃(86-87.8F) --- Purple light
32-35 ℃(89.6-95 F) --- Light blue light
36-39℃(96.8-102.2F) --- Green light
40-43℃ (104-109.4F)--- Blue light
44-47℃(111.2-116.6F) --- Red light
Over 48℃(118.4F) --- Red light flashing

Convert C to F

Celsius * 1.8 +32 = Fahrenheit

if your Xbox 360 console’s temperature reaches over 48 degree Celsius, the LED will display “RED” and flashing.  This will alert the user to turn off the console and check for problems.


How to install XCM 360 Hot Rock case manual 


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