XCM LED Analog thumbsticks for PS 3

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XCM LED Analog thumbsticks for PS 3  Controller 

If you're tired of using the convex thumb sticks on the PS3 controller, you can now replace it with the XCM Concave LED Analog Thumb Sticks. The XCM LED Analog Thumb Sticks is not only bringing a new joy for gaming but also built-in LED light. You are able to select between colors: Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Lime, Yellow and White (XCM LED Analog Thumb Sticks provides 7 various colors) or turn it off. 

You can have 2 different colors on 2 sticks (there is a total of 49 color combinations to choose from). We also give you another pair of LED analog convex thumb sticks as well, so you will have total 2 pieces of Concave and 2 pieces of Convex LED analog thumb sticks. It is a time to start enjoying the new gaming experience.


XCM LED Analog thumbsticks for PS 3 TM  controller installation manual (there has some versions please check which version belongs to your controller before installation)








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