XFPS PC magic box 2

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XFPS PC Magic box 2 (Other language- Deutsche 曰本語 française)


The XFPS PC Magic Box 2 allows you to use an Xbox 360TM (wired/wireless) and PS3TM controllers with PC games. Although the Xbox 360TM controller can be used on the PC but due to lack of keys remapping function, gamers may find the gaming controllers quite difficult to use on some PC games. The XFPS PC Magic Box 2 compliments this need. You're now able to remap any key on the keyboard to the game controller, using the right buttons/Trigger to shoot, the right button for punch or kick etc. and many more with the XCM PC Magic Box 2. This device is user friendly and also adds auto fire function. Let’s start to play the PC games in another mode!


Function and feature:

Supports both Xbox 360TM (wired/wireless) and PS3TM controllers with PC games. *NOTE: if using with Xbox 360 wireless controller, the Xbox 360TM PC Wireless Gaming Receiver must be required.

Supports rumble function.

Supports Xbox 360TM wired or wireless headset.

Supports PS3™ SixAxis tilt function

8 built-in independent auto fire buttons

You are able to re-map the keys on keyboard to the Xbox 360TM or PS3TM controller.

PC will recognize PS3TM controller as Xbox 360TM controller, so the PS3TM controller can be able to use on all PC games. *NOTE: most PC games won't recognize PS3TM controller but XCM PC Magic Box 2 will trick PC into thinking a Xbox 360TM controller is plugged in. Xbox 360TM controller has better compatibility with PC.



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